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About InRich

InRich, v.t.
To add value; to increase the substance of; lit., to instill wealth

As the created word suggests, InRich Ministries was formed to increase the moral and spiritual value of the family, providing enrichment through the avenues described in this overview.

The following acrostic describes this dual focus:

Church and

Since we are committed to the vital link between the church and the family, the church is a major emphasis of Inrich Ministries. Many “family-based” resources do not incorporate the church or emphasize the church/family relationship. Our desire is to foster a symbiotic relationship, where church and family assist each other and thrive together. This foundational idea is seen in the following illustration and in three summary assertions:

God's Glory / Church - Home

InRich is family-oriented: a central goal is the building of strong families.
InRich is church-based: ministries, activities and learning are connected to the local church.
InRich is mission-directed: family enrichment is not an end in itself, but an empowerment for fruitfulness in God’s kingdom.

To accomplish the goal of enriching churches and families, InRich has four primary objectives.  These are four inter-connected, overlapping aspects of ministry:

  1. Development and distribution of family enrichment resources. This includes the InRich Journal, publication of a book on Strong Families: Practical Theology, collection and posting of excellent articles on family ministry, biblical perspectives on family related themes, and current challenges facing the local church and family and their mutual ministry.
  2. Organization of and participation in specialized seminars: creating and facilitating local conferences on a wide range of subjects, teaching a personalized seminar on marriage and family themes, collaborating with others in similar events.
  3. Continued ministry to Portuguese churches and families.  Most of the objectives above will have the dual language focus.  The pre-marriage manual Casamento 5 Estrelas was the first publication.  Annual or bi-annual visits to Portugal are coordinated by personal contacts throughout the country. 
  4. Teaching and preaching in local churches: serving in our home church, availability for special meetings, serving select churches as a consultant for family education, and personal counseling.

Four Dimensions of Ministry

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