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February, 2006

Greetings in the Name of Christ! For some time now I have desired to communicate with you about the ministry the Lord has laid on my heart, and to give you an update on the Parrish family. So this letter has three main purposes: to provide a general update, to briefly share the vision for InRich Ministries, and to ask for your assistance.

First of all, the Parrish nine are all doing well. We moved to Stanardsville in 2004. One of the reasons we sold our house in Rixeyville was to reevaluate our long term goals and to spend some time seeking the Lord for His direction for life and ministry. We are working with Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Madison County, and have been providing for the family primarily through our painting business. The Lord has blessed us with an excellent rental situation: an adequate house, a pleasant area, and wonderful landlords! All the “Js” are doing well. Joyelle has been able to invest time in her craft business and music. Jacob has taken a share of “Majestic Painting,” and launched his publication, “The Point.” Joreen and I are greatly blessed to have these seven gifts from the Lord.

Most of you know about InRich because of regular contact with us over the past few years. I have had the opportunity to minister in various ways that were connected with the development of InRich, such as men’s retreats, pulpit supply, publication of a Pre-Marriage Handbook in Portuguese, Washington Bible College adult education classes, and speaking in 7 churches in an extended visit to Portugal in 2003. During the past year I have come to the conviction that InRich Ministries was not only significant, but crucial to the Body of Christ. For that reason, I needed to invest time and energy in expanding this work and communicating the vision. I wish I had several hours to share the core values of this mission, some of the specific goals, and several current initiatives. You will find an overview of these on the website, I am developing a brochure with a full description of the ministry plan; for now, here is a brief summary:

  1. We begin with a commitment to strengthen families with a biblically and theologically sound foundation (as opposed to popular and “culturally relevant” approaches which are often shallow and lack biblical convictions).
  2. Since strong families are a major component in healthy churches, InRich seeks to assist churches in their family ministries. A driving principle of this ministry is the vital link between church and home; we desire to cultivate the symbiotic relationship and mutual ministry of families and their local churches.
  3. Personal ministry initiatives are broader than family enrichment: much of the communication (seminars, preaching, writing, web resources, etc.) is not family specific, but teaching the whole counsel of God, seeking to “inrich” in multiple other ways.
  4. InRich provides the structure for an ongoing ministry to Portuguese families, primarily in Portugal and Brazil.
  5. InRich will develop regional seminars and plan conferences that will address family enrichment, church-based family ministry, parenting and other family themes, plus related subjects.

Because of the challenges of these goals, I need to be able to devote much more time to the various ministries. In May I will be returning to Portugal to speak in several churches and lead a seminar on family life. I am currently beginning another book and need to invest time this spring to complete the manuscript and get it to a publisher. There is a need for distribution of stimulating, profoundly biblical articles through creation of a periodical journal. It will take time to organize seminars, prepare for personal communication, and connect with churches to assist them in family education.

I hope you will pray about being a part of this work. There is a lot more to share, some of which will come in the next letter. I am developing an advisory team to provide oversight, counsel, and accountability. InRich Ministries is blessed to be affiliated with Faith in the Family International, directed by Marty Granger. Faith in the Family offers an excellent structure for smaller, start-up organizations, providing administrative and personal support. One of their services is to manage the income and furnish receipts for a number of family-based ministries. I currently have a number of donors through FIF and an average of $400 in regular monthly support. I would like to ask you to consider InRich as one of your investments for the Kingdom. Perhaps you could pray about a one-time gift to help with the start-up and special project costs, such as publication of the Portuguese book (we printed 2,000 copies for $4,000).

There are three other ways you can help! I definitely value your prayers as I move forward. Pray for wisdom in planning the specific ministry initiatives (including speaking at a Great Dads seminar and planning a summer conference in central Virginia), writing the book on a practical theology of the family, communicating our vision in order to connect with churches and individuals we can serve, and for personal fruitfulness. You can also be of great assistance by considering the ministry philosophy and providing feedback, asking clarifying questions, or sharing your ideas based on the needs you see in the area of family ministry in the local church. {You can use the reply form on the contact page of the web site or send a note to} Finally, please communicate with others about InRich: spread the word about this mission.

Thanks for allowing me to share this vision. I would be glad to hear from you – my work phone is (540) 219-6689. In my next letter I’ll send the brochure, present an update on current ministries, and give you an overview of the book.

For biblical enrichment,

Dave Parrish

P. S. Gifts can be sent to the Culpeper address; we will send a receipt for your records and for tax deduction purposes.

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