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An excellent treatment of the “openness” theology that questions God’s infinite wisdom and sovereignty. 

Chuck Sell, one of my professors at Seminary, has contributed this in depth resource on all facets of family ministry in the church.  A textbook that is very readable with many helpful chapters and practical suggestions; should be required reading for pastors

Various contributors deal with important and “controversial” subjects, including the disgraceful “Revolve” New Testament for girls, N.T. Wright’s misguided theology, problems with the “seeker sensitive” church philosophy, questions about the Purpose Driven Life, and many others.  Great reading, hard-hitting.

A wonderful resource by a beloved professor who has “lived it” in his own family!

written primarily for pastors, this book challenges the “minister” to examine himself and re-think biblical convictions on a wide range of subjects.

One of the better publications on the godly pattern for the husband; convicting and thoroughly biblical

Family Enrichment on the Web - The Joseph Resource Group is a creative and proven service to the Body of Christ in general and families in particular. - Another excellent resource that is much more than a great web site! - Search their site for ideas and assistance in men’s ministry.

Articles for Enriching Church and Home

A Select Bibliography For Family Ministry
Compiled by David L. Parrish

The following are several entries, with brief annotations, relating to two important facets of the church’s ministry to families. The first represents books and articles that deal with the relationship between church and family. Some of these publications are primarily addressing this theme, others have brief sections concerning the church/family relationship. The second section is composed of books on pre-marriage counseling. These resources were helpful in the writing of Casamento 5 Estrelas, the Portuguese pre-marital handbook for pastors.



How in the World is Christianity Doing?
Part II: The Dangers of Non-discernment

By David L. Parrish, 2005
Originally published in The Point

Here we would like to address an underlying problem, the unusual lack of discernment among believers in our day. A.W. Tozer (Root of the Righteous, 1955) said he observed one significant defiency among evangelical Christians which might turn out to be the real cause of most of our spiritual troubles: the lack of spiritual discernment, especially among our leaders! He asked how there could be so much Bible knowledge and yet so little insight or moral penetration. Fifty years later our vision is no clearer. People who call themselves Christians are quick to accept new trends, buy the latest book, digest the current psychological babble – all without a healthy biblical discernment.



Christian Education and the Local Church
by David L. Parrish

What is the church’s role in training (discipling) families?
What is the family’s relationship to the overall CE “program”?
How does the philosophy of ministry reflect the church’s commitment to the family?
How is the Scripture’s emphasis on parental responsibility reinforced and supported by the church’s practical ministry structure?



Growing in Christlikeness
by David L. Parrish

The following ideas represent a synopsis of some essential principles on spiritual growth. There is an inherent danger in trying to “quantify” the concept of growth in Christ, or attempting to reduce it down to a simple list. Remember, the fundamental guideline for spiritual growth, which connects to all others, is conformity to the Word of God: knowing and obeying God’s clearly revealed will.





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