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Core Values

InRich Ministries was founded upon the conviction that churches would be stronger if families were healthier. Most advocates for building godly families would agree with this statement. However, what makes InRich unique and distinctive in its ministry philosophy? Why develop another “family ministry”?

First of all, a high degree of emphasis must be placed on the relationship between the church and the home. The church and family, as God-ordained institutions, must seek to work together in a symbiotic relationship in order to achieve the highest degree of spiritual health. In our day we observe independent families who seem to have the idea that they don’t need the local church, that there is no value in the larger body of Christ, and that submission to God-ordained elders in a local assembly is unnecessary. This may be partially a result of overreacting to the cultural pressures on the family unit, including the crisis of moral influences from every segment of society. On the opposite side we find churches that undervalue the family and do not consider the needs of the family as a unit, or the unique contribution of the family to the kingdom. (The definition of “family,” what constitutes a “family unit” or home, whether a larger household, extended family, etc, is another subject and must also be explored in answer to these questions.) Churches tend to develop a program-oriented approach to “Christian education” that ignores some of the basic needs of today’s family, such as training fathers, providing for integrated family worship, and fostering an intergenerational setting where children interact with and learn from their elders. Sometimes this programming is pragmatic (fairly easy to organize and run), and often it is a reflection of “the way things have always been done.” Our desire is to correct imbalances and extremes on both sides, to assist the local church and the family in moving toward a positive and inter-dependent union where there is mutual support as both are focused on the cause of Christ. This will require a re-examination and application of biblical truth in everything from parenting to the nature of the church.

Second, InRich was formed because of a commitment to an in depth and theologically sound framework, in contrast to shallow and culturally relevant styles of ministry. Of course, most Christian ministries would claim to be “biblical,” but how often are strategies developed as a response to the society, or with a concern to be popular? Are we looking through the lens of Scripture as we gain perspective and make decisions about serving the church and the home? This conscious pledge to be doctrinally sound is carried out in careful exegesis of the Scripture, in biblical counseling, in analysis of current trends, and in clear communication of biblical convictions.

Healthy families, reasonably well-balanced and striving towards God’s plan for the home, are not the only component of strong churches – but they are an essential facet. InRich Ministries is a voice that says “we can do better,” “here’s how we can improve.”

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