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- Personal enrichment for your spiritual life
- Encouragement and ideas for building your family
- Challenges and insights for your churchís ministry to families
InRich Ministries exists to
strengthen churches and families through personal communication and the provision of specialized resources, all on the foundation of the inspired Scriptures. One of the distinctives of InRich is the vital link between church and family - both are God-ordained institutions. Our conviction is that strong families are a major component in healthy local churches! So the ministry has a dual focus: to furnish specific help to families through personal counseling, seminars, and printed media; to provide support and stimulation for churches, serving them in their ministry to families.
Quote of the Week

“A strategy of family ministry must spring from an in-depth analysis of the contemporary family and a careful, continuous scrutiny of our theology. In this process theology must remain supreme ….” Chuck Sell, Family Ministry

InRiching Websites - The pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in NC posts excellent articles that challenge our thinking on church, family, and personal convictions. - My friend John Barnett, the pastor of Tulsa Bible Church, makes his sermons available.  There are other helpful features on this site! - The Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, an organization that seeks to communicate clearly God’s plan for men, women, marriage, roles, etc. Refreshingly counter-cultural. - Find out about this helpful ministry.  Schedule a seminar for your church.  Provide assistance to the fathers who desire to follow God’s plan. - One of my favorite professors, Dr. Tom Constable (Dallas Theological Seminary), makes his research and Bible study notes available.

Featured Resource

The Word-Filled Family by John BarnettThis month we are highlighting the excellent book by John Barnett, The Word-Filled Family.  Dr. Barnett reminds us that the best book on family was written over 3,500 years ago – by Moses!  God’s clear instruction in Deuteronomy gives us the foundation for building healthy families.  Barnett addresses all areas of family life, showing how we can follow God’s plan of infusing the Word into our families.



Featured Articles

Good or Godly Kids?
by Lee Button

Dr. Lee Button asks some important questions about childrearing.  Are we supposed to “raise good kids”?  These thoughts help us reevalute our objectives as parents.


God's Purpose For The Family As Revealed In The Bible
by Dave Parrish

There are multitudes of references to “family” in the Bible: blood relatives, the family of Israel, the church as a family, etc. In the unfolding of God’s revelation, much attention is given to the “biological” family. We would like to investigate the divine purposes for the family’s existence. What does the Scripture reveal, either in direct statement or by implication, about God’s purpose for this institution?


Biblical Courtship Principles
by David Crank

David Crank has summarized important concepts of courtship, attempting to clarify the essential ideas of what “biblical courtship” involves. The discussion is difficult because we often try to identify a “biblical pattern.”  With courtship, we must isolate and apply broader biblical principles that enable us to form convictions to guide us, since there is no clear pattern or example in the Bible.  Many helpful articles with related themes can be found at including information on their magazine.


Christian Education and the Local Church
by David L. Parrish

What is the church’s role in training (discipling) families? What is the family’s relationship to the overall CE “program”? How does the philosophy of ministry reflect the church’s commitment to the family? How is the Scripture’s emphasis on parental responsibility reinforced and supported by the church’s practical ministry structure?


More Articles

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